Fusion cooking is the art of mixing ingredients and preparation styles from different countries and cultures into a unique dish of flavor. For the past few years, this style of cooking has been spreading across the globe like a virus.

Ever wondered what it would be like to take an Asian dish and swap most the principle ingredients with foods from Mexico?

How about an old-fashioned French recipe spiced up with some spices mostly used in an Indian curry?

Now, this type of food shocks the more strict traditionalists but for some it is an explosion of flavor they never experienced before.

Take the challenge and try some of the recipes we have laid out for you. Don't question the ingredients. Don't question the methods. Give it a shot and your eating and cooking style might change for good.

After preparing some of the fusion recipes listed here, be adventerous an try brewing up your own creation. You never know what you might acheive. Be sure to let us know how your results went. If you want we can even include them on this site!