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Barbecued Swordfish

1 1/2 lb Swordfish


3 tb Soy sauce; light
3 tb Sherry; dry
2 tb Oil
2 tb Oyster sauce
1 tb Honey

Banana Salsa

2 Bananas; peeled and chopped
1 Red pepper; chopped
1/4 c Cilantro; chopped
2 tb Ginger; minced
2 tb Orange juice
2 tb Lime juice
2 tb Brown sugar
2 tb Fish sauce
2 tb Thai chili sauce

Marinate swordfish in barbecue sauce 15 min to 2 hours. Combin ingredients for banana salsa in a bowl. Taste and adjust seasonings. Barbecue swordfish over medium heat for about 8 min. It is done when it just feels firm to the touch. Serve with salsa.


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